DSi 014

Murasaki, wearing a french maid costume.

Murasaki Akimoto is one of Watarimono's Original Characters, and takes the role of a main antagonist of Lunar Comet. She is Kameko's older sister, and is twenty-one years of age.


Murasaki once lived a largely average life with her younger sister and their parents. However, when Murasaki came to the age of eight, both of their parents died due to unknown causes. While Kameko (three years old at the time) went to live with their grandfather, Murasaki felt increasingly guilty for their mother and father's passing. Blaming herself for the tragedy, Ms. Akimoto ran away from home.

Murasaki spent the next thirteen years of her life virtually homeless, taking any job available to survive, occasionally being able to afford a hotel suite every once in a while.

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